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Usually I post about engagements, weddings, cool photog realted stuff… Today I thought I’d post about what I REALLY love to do which is photo and video journalism!

In case you haven’t heard or, in fact, you live under a rock, there are some massive protests going on referred to as the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Most of the larger populated cities around the country have protesters out every day and night supporting what they believe is right.  Now, as a media journalist, I am not one to choose favorites as far as which side is right.
Basically, I keep my mouth shut and stay out of it.  If anyone asks, I say, “I am a non-biased mediator!”. ;)

For the last week, these protests have hit very close to home… Literally.
The Occupy Tulsa protests have recently gotten a little heated ever since the use of pepper spray by the Tulsa Police Dept. (TPD) during a non-violent protest last week.  I decided I would make the short (1.5 hour) drive up to Tulsa to see for my self exactly what is going on there.  So I packed my video gear and headed out!

[vsw id="31648483" source="vimeo" width="640" height="360" autoplay="no"]

Occupy Wall Street Tulsa ProtestersOccupy Wall Street Tulsa Protesters

Occupy Wall Street Tulsa Protesters Occupy Wall Street Tulsa Protesters

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Paul Houston is a wedding photojournalist also specializing in cinematic video production and film making.
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